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Vision: To greatly aid in recycling the amount of non-biodegradable products that are polluting our landfill and associated ecosystems.

Mission Statement: Allied Environmental Services LLC are dedicated to EPA, DEQ and DTSC sanctioned practices that serve to divert materials from the solid waste stream currently filling our landfills at an alarming rate. We are committed to cost-effective waste reduction by the recycling of such materials as steel, aluminum, copper, and metals associated with computers, monitors, large appliances, etc. using environmentally friendly practices, including proper disposal of Freon, mercury switches and compositors from refrigerators and air conditioners, and other appliances. As our business expands we hope to offer our community the additional benefit of job placement for disadvantaged workers, especially military veterans, looking to join us in our effort to keep potentially hazardous materials out of our landfills, backyards and public forests.

Allied Environmental Services LLC will handle for recycling Freon gases, Mercury switches, appliance refrigerant compressor oil, with our core focus on E-Waste. We will also recycle Non ferrous metals and textiles.

  1. Operating a recycling center where covered electronic waste, computer monitors, televisions and other potentially hazardous waste is contained and shipped to accredited end of line recyclers in accordance with all local state and federal regulations, policies and laws.
  2. Offering curbside pick-up of electronic waste to the public and to private enterprise.
  3. Offering on site containment and removal of Freon Gases, Mercury Switches, capacitors, and electronics waste from any public and private business in the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Keep audited records of all in-coming e-waste, logging when received and from whom. Also logging the final destination of that waste for end of life recycling. We are committed to working with end of line recyclers recognized by the EPA, Oregon DEQ and DTSC.

AES is developing associations that are pertinent and that reflect the interest of Allied Environmental Services. These associations may include but are not limited to; The Association of Oregon Recyclers, The Jackson County Recycling Partnership, International Association of Electronics Recyclers etc ...

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